Sunday, July 11, 2010

Walk It Off

As I was getting ready to take my walk today, I realized I had a surprising lack of activewear in my closet. I usually rotate between three pairs of pants and my collection of old highschool shirts. The following are a few pieces that have caught my eye and would definitely make my walks more enjoyable. They might even give me inspiration to workout when I don't feel up to it. And who doesn't need a little inspiration now and then?

1. NIKE: Women's Running Shoe; $85.00 (In my favorite color)
2. F21: F6298 Sunglasses; $5.80 (The bigger the better to keep the sun out of your face)
3. VICTORIA'S SECRET: Off-The-Shoulder Tee; $32.50 (To continue my off-the-shoulder shirt obsession)
4. APPLE: Ipod; $199.00 (I never leave home without it)
5. F21: Multi Elastic Headband; $1.50 (The extra elastics are perfect for keeping hair in place)
6. VICTORIA'S SECRET: Vintage Slim Pant; $25.00 (Trendy and sporty)


  1. i saw that victoria's secret t and definitely considered buying it. it's soo cute :)

    thanks for stopping by ladies.
    i hope to see you in the future and have a new follower!

  2. #1 is my fave color too!
    And I WISH I had #4. Mine's dead. :(

  3. Great post, I get you with the work out wear, need to do some shopping myself!

    D E G A I N E

  4. i will start running tomorrow. thanks to this post. :D

  5. It is so much easier to keep up the will power when you can look forward to wearing cute work out clothes!
    Velvet Cupcakes


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