Thursday, June 24, 2010

Assymetrical Love

Although I have always been partial to the more symmetrical clothing out there, the recent purchase of an off the shoulder top has changed my mind. It is striped and oversized and perfect as can be. It has made me want to add more like it to my wardrobe, but when searching for another, I have realized they are extremely hard to come across. So I've done the search for you and posted a few of my favorites for lounging around the house. What is your favorite purchase as of late?

1. TOPSHOP: Pleated One Shoulder Tunic, $88.00
2. FOREVER 21: Oui Oui Lips Top, $12.80
3. H&M: Sweater, $29.95
4. VANESSA BRUNO: Cropped Off The Shoulder, $48.00


  1. You have an adorable blog!! I'm loving the cropped off the shoulder top. Perfection!!

    <3 Kelly

  2. just seeing your blog for the first time. very cute. I love the white top!

  3. That Forever 21 top is perfect - love it!

  4. hellO! thanks for stopping by me. hope youre having a wonderful week!
    i love that first top- might just buy it-thanks a lot for sharing
    take care

    xx ediot

  5. i like number 4! great blog too by the way :)

  6. love all of them!!! cant get enough them!

  7. love the tops!I also recently cut an assymetrical crop top :)

  8. Loving #3. Perfect for a walk along the beach at sunset, which is my current daydream! i just bought a peach ruffle scarf at H&M, totally addicted to it!

  9. Thanks for the comment! I've been looking for a great asymmetrical top but haven't found one I loved yet :(

    The Tone It Up workouts are really great, definitely try them! :)

  10. I am ob-sessed w/ the crop tops! They are so haute!


    p.s. thx for stopping by my blog && leavin' the love!


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