Friday, June 4, 2010

Sunshine in a Bag

sunglasses: Coach, dress: Forever 21,
bikini: Roxy

Those of us that live in Southern California know that a trip to the beach is a summer must. We intend to take full advantage of the many beaches surrounding us in the upcoming months. Here are our summer beach must haves in order to make sure we have fun in the sun on our much needed getaways:

1. VICTORIA'S SECRET: Striped Bikini; $29.50

2. STEVE MADDEN: Adorable Sandals, $39.95

3. FOREVER 21: Sunshine-colored Sunglasses, $5.80

4. FOREVER 21: Canvas Tote Bag, $12.80

5. BARNES AND NOBLE: Cheesy Novel, $9.99

6. VICTORIA'S SECRET: Standout Beach Towel, $19.50

7. FOREVER 21: Coverup Dress, $19.90

What are your beach essentials?


  1. killa shades.
    i posted my beach essentials on my blog!

  2. what a great list of beach essentials.. id have to agree completely!

  3. I love bringing along a big floppy hat and never forget the sunscreen!!

    stop by my blogs!


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