Sunday, June 20, 2010


The balloons that decorated my door the night before.

Yesterday, after years of sleepless nights, countless three hour classes, and oral presentations I graduated from college with an Associate of Arts Degree in Fashion Design. It was at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and lived up to all the hype. Considering the Lakers had just won the Championship two days earlier, purple and gold confetti kept falling from the ceiling, but it was great nonetheless. Now let the job hunt commence.

After the celebration.

My cap.


  1. Congratulations!!
    What did you major in?
    I cannot wait to finish up with college and look for an MA in Fashion Journalism.
    Good luck with the job hunt (:

    Fernanda Lucila

  2. Thank you! I majored in Fashion Design, I'm shocked I forgot to mention that.

  3. Congratulations on finishing school, and thank you kindly for your lovely comment on my blog, much love, XOXO

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and CONGRATULATIONS.

  5. Congrats!!! Thanks for the sweet comment!! :) xoxo


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