Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do Not Fear, Our Random List is Here!

After weeks of beach sun and relaxation it can be easy to run out of summer activities. That's why we have put together our list of five random things to do all under $5!

1. Badminton (Target; $2.50): You don't need to be an Olympian (yes, it really is an Olympic sport) to play this game. We didn't even have a net and we still had an enjoyable afternoon.

2. Delicious Burrito (Miguel's Jr.; $3.50 SoCal only sorry!): If you're ever in town or are local like us, you must try the mouth-watering Burritos at Miguel's Jr.; You can get delicious homestyle Mexican food for a super low price.

3. At Home Manicure (Target; $4.50): Pamper yourself with an at home manicure! Go extreme with the brightest of all colors or keep it clean and simple.

Rainbow selection of colors to choose from.

4. Chalk (Target; $1.00): Be a kid again and head outdoors with a tub of chalk!

5. Scratchers ($1.00+ each): Or don't be a kid again and make a date with Lady Luck!

We did win $2.00, but these are our unlucky ones.


  1. lol...sounds like fun!! ill go w chalk and nailpolish!!!

  2. I love scratchies-the most I've won is NZD 10.00 which I thought was massive!!

  3. I would kill a man for a $3.50 burrito! Ok, not really, but you know what I mean ;) I have a friend who lives in SoCal, I'm sending her there ASAP.

    xoxo, Ashley @ Free Honey


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